A New Year Is upon Us!!!

And 2018 was a blast! What is in store for 2019? Well first lets take a look back at this year. January 2nd 2018 was the very first official broadcast on the AngryMonday Twitch channel. Expectations were low and it started off rough and quiet. I quickly had 5 followers, woohoo! The mountain was still… Continue reading A New Year Is upon Us!!!

IIIIIT”S FRIDA……..Ha Jokes on you!

So its been over two weeks since the last post, did you even realize this is what you were missing? Yeah, if you did, you would be a narcissist for looking forward to Monday’s. Not that there is anything wrong with it…actually it would just be weird. So a lot has been happening behind the… Continue reading IIIIIT”S FRIDA……..Ha Jokes on you!

The heat is on!

Well actually my AC is now on but here is more work to show off. It may not look like much more has been done since last week, but I assure you, plenty of refinements, painting and “under the hood” mesh optimizing has been done. Almost ready to take this bad boy to the next… Continue reading The heat is on!

Monday May 7th 2018….is just another Monday.

The struggle continues, but the rewards may pay off. June, 15th seems to be coming quicker that I would like it to, but determined to finish on time. Bike is done. Figure is done…….for now. Now time to do something to it that I have yet to even attempt….retopolgy. Wish me luck! Once that is… Continue reading Monday May 7th 2018….is just another Monday.


Just a short little update for you this week, we now have the start of the bike. Its pretty rough, but considering I am the last person who should be “building” a bike, it is still coming along decently. I knew getting into this project it was going to be a challenge and it has… Continue reading Excite….bike!


..it really never gets any better….till its Tuesday. Another couple of broadcasts are well behind us since last we spoke and work continues on the Retrogasm 2018 Challenge. For those just showing up, the cliff notes is to take a generation 5 console game or prior and give it an updated look. Since I played… Continue reading Monday……

Retrogasm2018 Challenge Accepted

Welcome to another wonderful Monday…yeah not for most. As mentioned last week, I decided to dive into my very first 3D challenge. Retrogasm 2018 is what the challenge has been titled and the task is to choose a game character from a generation 5 console (Playstation One, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64) or prior and give… Continue reading Retrogasm2018 Challenge Accepted