Attack of the Killer Monday

Sigh……..where did the last few glorious days go? Why oh why Monday have you returned so soon??!! Well, at least we have the Artist Spotlight to enjoy. This week Carlos Cid from Mexico takes center stage with his creation titled Chips Kids Backround.  I chose this creation due to its semi whimsical design and soft pastel… Continue reading Attack of the Killer Monday

Angry Monday Original In Your Face

Happy Friday folks! Monday is far behind us and the weekend is about to kick off. Time to throw an original AngryMonday special treat at you! This was created using Zbrush and rendered out in Keyshot and named Shaman Creature. I was too lazy to come up with a name for him, but you can… Continue reading Angry Monday Original In Your Face

April Showers On The Monday Spotlight

Holy chipmunk nuts folks, its friggin Monday again! Will it ever end??! Nope and luckily for you there is no end in sight for this blog! This weeks Artist Spotlight is from the left coast…..of the good ‘ol U.S. of A. Robot Scene was created by Karen K Garcia from Los Angeles and I really… Continue reading April Showers On The Monday Spotlight

The Fertility Goddess Has Spoken….

….and Monday still sucks!! Ah yes, Spring is on its way and if it has not happened yet where you are, soon the flowers and trees will be spreading their seed throughout the air covering everything in sight. An annual favorite for allergy sufferers the world over. So this week I decided an earthly theme for… Continue reading The Fertility Goddess Has Spoken….

Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us

Welcome to this weeks Artist Spotlight. Hopefully it is a short week for you so maybe today will be tolerable having that in the back of your mind. In the spotlight this week is Gabriel Reid and his piece Pestilence and Iniquity. This stunning image was created using 3ds Max, Vray, Zbrush and Photoshop. I wish he divulged how long this took as I… Continue reading Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us

Masterful Artist Showcase

For 3D artists, there is so much inspiration available to us out there in many forms. From other amateurs to the seasoned professionals. The internet has made all of it readily available for us to feast our eyes upon and strive for something more. Per Haagensen is just one of those seasoned professionals that has… Continue reading Masterful Artist Showcase

Monday is for suckers and Artists Spotlights!

And this look will surely make you a sucker. Capturing the sweet innocence of a child is pretty difficult in my opinion but Ismael Ramos from Caxias do Sul, Brazil pulled it off perfectly using 3ds Max. How can you say no to her? Unless her name was Monday, then I would probably peg her… Continue reading Monday is for suckers and Artists Spotlights!

WTF?! It’s Thursday?

Why wait till Monday? The longer it takes to get here the better! Do you recall the little WIP that was posted two weeks ago? Well it is now finished!!! It is titled “Where’s Izzy??!”. So here is the background story behind this one: I am a huge original lineup Guns N Roses fan. Mainly… Continue reading WTF?! It’s Thursday?

Artist Spotlight and an AM WIP!!!

Greetings Monday lovers…..and the haters too. This week I decided to step away from the character models, something I tend to lean towards since it is where I have most of my interest in. But there still should be room for all the other types of designs out there and there are plenty of goodies to… Continue reading Artist Spotlight and an AM WIP!!!