An AngryMonday Original and…….Has it been this long???

Yes it has, unfortunately. But do not fear, things are still going on as planned and today brings another AM original. 2016 is almost at an end and it sure has been quite the hell of a year. This blog is now just over a year old and a lot of artwork has occurred and… Continue reading An AngryMonday Original and…….Has it been this long???

Another AngryMonday Original for those Monday Blues

Yes it is that dreaded day of the week again that just never goes away, just when you thought it was Friday, here is Monday once again. But here is a little eye candy to help ease the pain if just for a moment. This is a little different than the usual character model or… Continue reading Another AngryMonday Original for those Monday Blues

WIP Tuesday…..

……no it is not a new thing, but I did skip out on Monday’s post so I felt it was only right to present an AngryMonday original to you. This is a “Work In Progress” project that I have been working on. This is a model of a 1965 Chevelle that I just drool on every… Continue reading WIP Tuesday…..

Oh Monday, you so silly.

It is that dreaded day once again folks, do not let it get the best of you! Things sure have been quiet around here, well not exactly. Behind the scenes have been rather hectic as I am taking 3 courses and took a much needed break for some travel. But as you can tell, I… Continue reading Oh Monday, you so silly.

Silence Is Golden

And then it is broken. Hey folks, just want to pop in to make sure you are all breathing and surviving the week. Today I present to you an AngryMonday original just completed! Another one of those little buggars just needed to be let out of my head so here you go! Created using Zbrush,… Continue reading Silence Is Golden

Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

Finally! That rare and elusive Monday we ALL love! HA! Who are we kidding? Well at least it is almost over and you get to enjoy this weeks Artist Spotlight! This week has an added special treat to it! Mathias Vera Toro is an student of the arts located in Montpellier, France and he created… Continue reading Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

OK….so this Monday is not so bad….

…because it is a holiday here in the states to remember those that served our country. But everywhere else, yeah, I feel your pain. Well at least it is time for the Artist Spotlight!!!! This week is just plain COOL! Vinicius Tokue is working on a short movie and was nice enough to share this… Continue reading OK….so this Monday is not so bad….

AngryMonday Original App!!!

Hey all, skipping the Weekly Artist Spotlight this week to bring you something straight from AngryMonday. For all my fellow Android device users, click the link below to check out my first published app on the Play Store! It is nothing to extravagant, just a test for future projects in the pipeline. Feedback is always… Continue reading AngryMonday Original App!!!

Webslinging into Monday!

Howdy folks, back for another Monday morsel of creative goodness from the world of 3D modelers. This week I am still sticking on the superhero bandwagon, holding on for dear life, to showcase this little lady that I would not want as an adversary. Say hello to Amazing Spider-Gwen, modeled by Brian Bedford with inspiration… Continue reading Webslinging into Monday!

Aaaaand Back…….

Yep, without any warning whatsoever a break was taken. Sorry about that, but things needed to be done and projects worked on including some new stuff about to be deployed that you will all see very, very soon. This week I chose to cheat and base my spotlight on the Captain America Civil War movie… Continue reading Aaaaand Back…….