The Angry Monday 2019 Year In Review

DO NOT PANIC! It is, in fact, Tuesday. The final day of 2019! NOT Monday. Phew. Well time has flown and another year, another decade is about to be behind us. The last we spoke was back in September. Oops. Did you feel neglected? Did you notice the silence? I know the true answer to… Continue reading The Angry Monday 2019 Year In Review

Ballpoints for Monday

So it has been a month once again since we last touched base. We have some catching up to do! First off, lets get the Twisted Sculpt Thursday art out of the way. If you are new around here, TST is a two hour stream every Thursday night at 7pm est where anything can happen.… Continue reading Ballpoints for Monday

Super Monday!….

…is not better than any other Monday. But we are here to at least make some light of it. This week I introduce you to the final result of the Creature Box Rhinox! It was a month long journey to get this one done in time for the deadline and made it with just a… Continue reading Super Monday!….

Blockout Monday.

….from existence, would be nice. Ok, so I am not gonna pull your chain today, this IS in fact a quick post. Last week I informed you of a challenge I will be entering for the 3D Character Workshop. The rules are simple: Pick any creature from the Creature Box archive and recreate it in… Continue reading Blockout Monday.

‘Tis The Season To Continue to Hate on Monday

Well I felt it was time for another update since it had been a few weeks and there is plenty to get caught up on. First is an update on the project that was shown in the last post. Pony’s Vengeance is a video game currently in production and I was given the pleasure to… Continue reading ‘Tis The Season To Continue to Hate on Monday

Just Another Effin Monday

…yep and another creation comin’ atcha! 4.5 hours later, another stream in the books and things keep growing. Nice to have things back to the normal anger levels around here. Today’s little fella sure brings the attitude back! You may just get bitch slapped. Here is a little turn around because I am sure you… Continue reading Just Another Effin Monday

AngryMo…..eeerrr Sunday??!

No April Fools joke here! It really is a Sunday posting because well…it’s a holiday and here is something just for the occasion. Pulled away from the current project being created while broadcasting on Twitch to wish you all a Happy Easter. Will be back to work to finish the current project this week, so be sure… Continue reading AngryMo…..eeerrr Sunday??!

Affiliate Monday.

What is up with the title you ask? Please read the following big news fully. During Sunday’s stream (yesterday) AngryMonday became an official affiliate channel over on After only two and a half months, 56 followers, almost 250 hrs broadcasted and an average of 3 viewers over 30 days, all the milestones have been… Continue reading Affiliate Monday.

Silence Is Golden

And then it is broken. Hey folks, just want to pop in to make sure you are all breathing and surviving the week. Today I present to you an AngryMonday original just completed! Another one of those little buggars just needed to be let out of my head so here you go! Created using Zbrush,… Continue reading Silence Is Golden