Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

Finally! That rare and elusive Monday we ALL love! HA! Who are we kidding? Well at least it is almost over and you get to enjoy this weeks Artist Spotlight! This week has an added special treat to it! Mathias Vera Toro is an student of the arts located in Montpellier, France and he created… Continue reading Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

Aaaaand Back…….

Yep, without any warning whatsoever a break was taken. Sorry about that, but things needed to be done and projects worked on including some new stuff about to be deployed that you will all see very, very soon. This week I chose to cheat and base my spotlight on the Captain America Civil War movie… Continue reading Aaaaand Back…….

April Showers On The Monday Spotlight

Holy chipmunk nuts folks, its friggin Monday again! Will it ever end??! Nope and luckily for you there is no end in sight for this blog! This weeks Artist Spotlight is from the left coast…..of the good ‘ol U.S. of A. Robot Scene was created by Karen K Garcia from Los Angeles and I really… Continue reading April Showers On The Monday Spotlight

Monday is the least rainy weekday….

….and it still remains to be the suckiest. I think I just made that word up. Welcome back folks! Just another fun filled Monday with another spotlight coming right at your face! The week’s artist spotlight is Francis-Xavier Martins who hails from the UK and has some major chops at creating captivating 3D models. He has a pretty… Continue reading Monday is the least rainy weekday….

Weekly Spotlight and Big News at Angry Monday!!!!

Oh yes, Monday all over again! And once again its time for the weekly artist spotlight. For those just popping in for the first time, every Monday I post works of art from artists I find personally to be inspiring and masters of their trade in hopes that it will inspire you or at the… Continue reading Weekly Spotlight and Big News at Angry Monday!!!!