The Angry Monday 2019 Year In Review

DO NOT PANIC! It is, in fact, Tuesday. The final day of 2019! NOT Monday. Phew. Well time has flown and another year, another decade is about to be behind us. The last we spoke was back in September. Oops. Did you feel neglected? Did you notice the silence? I know the true answer to… Continue reading The Angry Monday 2019 Year In Review

Let’s Do this 2019!

Well 2018 ended with a long winded post, so lets make this one a quick one! Last week was the very first annual 12 hour stream over on the AngryMonday Twitch channel and it was a blast. A bit draining, but a blast to do regardless. Ended up bringing in 2019 on the couch half asleep.… Continue reading Let’s Do this 2019!

A New Year Is upon Us!!!

And 2018 was a blast! What is in store for 2019? Well first lets take a look back at this year. January 2nd 2018 was the very first official broadcast on the AngryMonday Twitch channel. Expectations were low and it started off rough and quiet. I quickly had 5 followers, woohoo! The mountain was still… Continue reading A New Year Is upon Us!!!

‘Tis The Season To Continue to Hate on Monday

Well I felt it was time for another update since it had been a few weeks and there is plenty to get caught up on. First is an update on the project that was shown in the last post. Pony’s Vengeance is a video game currently in production and I was given the pleasure to… Continue reading ‘Tis The Season To Continue to Hate on Monday

Monday Excelsior!

A quick update on two projects in the works. The first one is based of a concept by Tan Shi Yun he created for his 2D side scrolling game. This one is surely going to be fun to see completed. The second, well, is still going to be kept somewhat secret. But here is another head shot… Continue reading Monday Excelsior!

WIPS! WIPS! Monday’s Tookus!

We first start off with the second part of today’s broadcast. Why you ask? Cause it’s my show and I will do what I wish! I had been a fan of Paride Bertoli’s work for quite some time and finally decided to contact him and ask if he would mind if I used his work… Continue reading WIPS! WIPS! Monday’s Tookus!

2018 Six Month Recap

Something a bit different today. Time to reflect. Six months ago I set out on a mission, to take my art live on the internet where anyone could come and watch. My expectations were low. Who would really want to watch me? WHY would anyone want to watch me? I waited for the trolls to… Continue reading 2018 Six Month Recap

A day late and a dollar short….

…but it is always Monday here. This week brings a project that has seen itself to completion. Lot’s of work has been put into this with 3D printing in mind. Once the prototype has been created and then sent of to get professionally printed, this bad boy could end up being yours! How so you… Continue reading A day late and a dollar short….

Affiliate Monday.

What is up with the title you ask? Please read the following big news fully. During Sunday’s stream (yesterday) AngryMonday became an official affiliate channel over on After only two and a half months, 56 followers, almost 250 hrs broadcasted and an average of 3 viewers over 30 days, all the milestones have been… Continue reading Affiliate Monday.