The Angry Monday 2019 Year In Review

DO NOT PANIC! It is, in fact, Tuesday. The final day of 2019! NOT Monday. Phew. Well time has flown and another year, another decade is about to be behind us. The last we spoke was back in September. Oops. Did you feel neglected? Did you notice the silence? I know the true answer to… Continue reading The Angry Monday 2019 Year In Review

Monday Marching

…across your face till you collapse eagerly waiting for Tuesday. And yet, you survived and here you are! Be warned, though, forecast calls for more Monday’s ahead! This week brings a conclusion to some of the teases and countless hours spent on this project (I could count the hours, but I may faint). This was… Continue reading Monday Marching

A New Year Is upon Us!!!

And 2018 was a blast! What is in store for 2019? Well first lets take a look back at this year. January 2nd 2018 was the very first official broadcast on the AngryMonday Twitch channel. Expectations were low and it started off rough and quiet. I quickly had 5 followers, woohoo! The mountain was still… Continue reading A New Year Is upon Us!!!

Monday Excelsior!

A quick update on two projects in the works. The first one is based of a concept by Tan Shi Yun he created for his 2D side scrolling game. This one is surely going to be fun to see completed. The second, well, is still going to be kept somewhat secret. But here is another head shot… Continue reading Monday Excelsior!

2018 Six Month Recap

Something a bit different today. Time to reflect. Six months ago I set out on a mission, to take my art live on the internet where anyone could come and watch. My expectations were low. Who would really want to watch me? WHY would anyone want to watch me? I waited for the trolls to… Continue reading 2018 Six Month Recap

#@&*! Monday

AAAAAnnnnnnnddddd Done. MissVamp420 is now posed and complete and shown below… long as she confirms that she is happy with it, I am calling it complete. Hmmmm….what’s next? Well, there are a few things on the list to do, so ill roll the dice and see which will be the next project. 49 followers people.… Continue reading #@&*! Monday

Monday Nuggets

So the sneak peak last week gets a full reveal this week. Still a work in progress, but progress is happening. Long stream coming up this weekend and plan is to finish this up for the next official stream next Monday. Time to get some more in the works! Till then, here she is in… Continue reading Monday Nuggets

Monday…is there anything else that needs to be said?

…especially when one is fighting to get over the flu. Damn those flu shots to hell! And since I have no love for anything only get a sneak peak this week to a work in progress. This one was asked for by a follower on Yeah, you should be following and watching too!… Continue reading Monday…is there anything else that needs to be said?

Oh Monday, you so silly.

It is that dreaded day once again folks, do not let it get the best of you! Things sure have been quiet around here, well not exactly. Behind the scenes have been rather hectic as I am taking 3 courses and took a much needed break for some travel. But as you can tell, I… Continue reading Oh Monday, you so silly.