AngryMonday Original App!!!

Hey all, skipping the Weekly Artist Spotlight this week to bring you something straight from AngryMonday. For all my fellow Android device users, click the link below to check out my first published app on the Play Store! It is nothing to extravagant, just a test for future projects in the pipeline. Feedback is always… Continue reading AngryMonday Original App!!!

Attack of the Killer Monday

Sigh……..where did the last few glorious days go? Why oh why Monday have you returned so soon??!! Well, at least we have the Artist Spotlight to enjoy. This week Carlos Cid from Mexico takes center stage with his creation titled Chips Kids Backround.  I chose this creation due to its semi whimsical design and soft pastel… Continue reading Attack of the Killer Monday

Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us

Welcome to this weeks Artist Spotlight. Hopefully it is a short week for you so maybe today will be tolerable having that in the back of your mind. In the spotlight this week is Gabriel Reid and his piece Pestilence and Iniquity. This stunning image was created using 3ds Max, Vray, Zbrush and Photoshop. I wish he divulged how long this took as I… Continue reading Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us