Monday Nuggets

So the sneak peak last week gets a full reveal this week. Still a work in progress, but progress is happening. Long stream coming up this weekend and plan is to finish this up for the next official stream next Monday. Time to get some more in the works! Till then, here she is in… Continue reading Monday Nuggets

A Monday Treat just For You!

This week is a doozy and a little different. Although I showcase a lot of 3D on this blog, my real interest has always been animation. I am presenting to you an animated short by Josiah Brooks, or better known as Jazza, all the way from down under, yep…Australia. He is an amazing artist and… Continue reading A Monday Treat just For You!

Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

Finally! That rare and elusive Monday we ALL love! HA! Who are we kidding? Well at least it is almost over and you get to enjoy this weeks Artist Spotlight! This week has an added special treat to it! Mathias Vera Toro is an student of the arts located in Montpellier, France and he created… Continue reading Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.