IIIIIT”S FRIDA……..Ha Jokes on you!

So its been over two weeks since the last post, did you even realize this is what you were missing? Yeah, if you did, you would be a narcissist for looking forward to Monday’s. Not that there is anything wrong with it…actually it would just be weird. So a lot has been happening behind the… Continue reading IIIIIT”S FRIDA……..Ha Jokes on you!


Just a short little update for you this week, we now have the start of the bike. Its pretty rough, but considering I am the last person who should be “building” a bike, it is still coming along decently. I knew getting into this project it was going to be a challenge and it has… Continue reading Excite….bike!

Another AngryMonday Original for those Monday Blues

Yes it is that dreaded day of the week again that just never goes away, just when you thought it was Friday, here is Monday once again. But here is a little eye candy to help ease the pain if just for a moment. This is a little different than the usual character model or… Continue reading Another AngryMonday Original for those Monday Blues

WIP Tuesday…..

……no it is not a new thing, but I did skip out on Monday’s post so I felt it was only right to present an AngryMonday original to you. This is a “Work In Progress” project that I have been working on. This is a model of a 1965 Chevelle that I just drool on every… Continue reading WIP Tuesday…..

AngryMonday Original App!!!

Hey all, skipping the Weekly Artist Spotlight this week to bring you something straight from AngryMonday. For all my fellow Android device users, click the link below to check out my first published app on the Play Store! It is nothing to extravagant, just a test for future projects in the pipeline. Feedback is always… Continue reading AngryMonday Original App!!!

Aaaaand Back…….

Yep, without any warning whatsoever a break was taken. Sorry about that, but things needed to be done and projects worked on including some new stuff about to be deployed that you will all see very, very soon. This week I chose to cheat and base my spotlight on the Captain America Civil War movie… Continue reading Aaaaand Back…….

The Fertility Goddess Has Spoken….

….and Monday still sucks!! Ah yes, Spring is on its way and if it has not happened yet where you are, soon the flowers and trees will be spreading their seed throughout the air covering everything in sight. An annual favorite for allergy sufferers the world over. So this week I decided an earthly theme for… Continue reading The Fertility Goddess Has Spoken….

Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us

Welcome to this weeks Artist Spotlight. Hopefully it is a short week for you so maybe today will be tolerable having that in the back of your mind. In the spotlight this week is Gabriel Reid and his piece Pestilence and Iniquity. This stunning image was created using 3ds Max, Vray, Zbrush and Photoshop. I wish he divulged how long this took as I… Continue reading Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us