Masterful Artist Showcase

For 3D artists, there is so much inspiration available to us out there in many forms. From other amateurs to the seasoned professionals. The internet has made all of it readily available for us to feast our eyes upon and strive for something more. Per Haagensen is just one of those seasoned professionals that has… Continue reading Masterful Artist Showcase

Monday is for suckers and Artists Spotlights!

And this look will surely make you a sucker. Capturing the sweet innocence of a child is pretty difficult in my opinion but Ismael Ramos from Caxias do Sul, Brazil pulled it off perfectly using 3ds Max. How can you say no to her? Unless her name was Monday, then I would probably peg her… Continue reading Monday is for suckers and Artists Spotlights!

Spring is coming, keep the faith.

Howdy Monday haters. This weeks artists spotlight is Ruslan Boulad from Amman, Jordan. The creation below is named “Artist” which is fitting because Ruslan is most certainly a pro at his craft. Simple detail, perfect composition and great use of curves makes this piece one of my favorites of his. Created using Zbrush and Maya. Click… Continue reading Spring is coming, keep the faith.

For the Love Birds…..

….go find a room already. It is that time once again for the Artist Spotlight and this week will celebrate St. Valentines Day. Guzz Soares is the creator of this piece aimed at that four letter word most single people cringe at. LOVE. Vomit much? Created in Zbrush and I really admire how he is able… Continue reading For the Love Birds…..

Superbowlitis Spotlight

That is a true title. Look it up on the internet. Everything is true on the internet. This weeks Artist Spotlight is quite a stunning and creative piece by Alex Villanueva titled Under Bite. I really love the texturing on this. The scales, blood, all of it. It adds so much detail and depth to the… Continue reading Superbowlitis Spotlight

Monday is the least rainy weekday….

….and it still remains to be the suckiest. I think I just made that word up. Welcome back folks! Just another fun filled Monday with another spotlight coming right at your face! The week’s artist spotlight is Francis-Xavier Martins who hails from the UK and has some major chops at creating captivating 3D models. He has a pretty… Continue reading Monday is the least rainy weekday….

Artist Spotlight and an AM WIP!!!

Greetings Monday lovers…..and the haters too. This week I decided to step away from the character models, something I tend to lean towards since it is where I have most of my interest in. But there still should be room for all the other types of designs out there and there are plenty of goodies to… Continue reading Artist Spotlight and an AM WIP!!!

Weekly Spotlight and Big News at Angry Monday!!!!

Oh yes, Monday all over again! And once again its time for the weekly artist spotlight. For those just popping in for the first time, every Monday I post works of art from artists I find personally to be inspiring and masters of their trade in hopes that it will inspire you or at the… Continue reading Weekly Spotlight and Big News at Angry Monday!!!!