A Monday Treat just For You!

This week is a doozy and a little different. Although I showcase a lot of 3D on this blog, my real interest has always been animation. I am presenting to you an animated short by Josiah Brooks, or better known as Jazza, all the way from down under, yep…Australia. He is an amazing artist and… Continue reading A Monday Treat just For You!

Oh Monday, you so silly.

It is that dreaded day once again folks, do not let it get the best of you! Things sure have been quiet around here, well not exactly. Behind the scenes have been rather hectic as I am taking 3 courses and took a much needed break for some travel. But as you can tell, I… Continue reading Oh Monday, you so silly.

Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

Finally! That rare and elusive Monday we ALL love! HA! Who are we kidding? Well at least it is almost over and you get to enjoy this weeks Artist Spotlight! This week has an added special treat to it! Mathias Vera Toro is an student of the arts located in Montpellier, France and he created… Continue reading Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

OK….so this Monday is not so bad….

…because it is a holiday here in the states to remember those that served our country. But everywhere else, yeah, I feel your pain. Well at least it is time for the Artist Spotlight!!!! This week is just plain COOL! Vinicius Tokue is working on a short movie and was nice enough to share this… Continue reading OK….so this Monday is not so bad….

Webslinging into Monday!

Howdy folks, back for another Monday morsel of creative goodness from the world of 3D modelers. This week I am still sticking on the superhero bandwagon, holding on for dear life, to showcase this little lady that I would not want as an adversary. Say hello to Amazing Spider-Gwen, modeled by Brian Bedford with inspiration… Continue reading Webslinging into Monday!

Aaaaand Back…….

Yep, without any warning whatsoever a break was taken. Sorry about that, but things needed to be done and projects worked on including some new stuff about to be deployed that you will all see very, very soon. This week I chose to cheat and base my spotlight on the Captain America Civil War movie… Continue reading Aaaaand Back…….

Attack of the Killer Monday

Sigh……..where did the last few glorious days go? Why oh why Monday have you returned so soon??!! Well, at least we have the Artist Spotlight to enjoy. This week Carlos Cid from Mexico takes center stage with his creation titled Chips Kids Backround.  I chose this creation due to its semi whimsical design and soft pastel… Continue reading Attack of the Killer Monday

The Fertility Goddess Has Spoken….

….and Monday still sucks!! Ah yes, Spring is on its way and if it has not happened yet where you are, soon the flowers and trees will be spreading their seed throughout the air covering everything in sight. An annual favorite for allergy sufferers the world over. So this week I decided an earthly theme for… Continue reading The Fertility Goddess Has Spoken….

Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us

Welcome to this weeks Artist Spotlight. Hopefully it is a short week for you so maybe today will be tolerable having that in the back of your mind. In the spotlight this week is Gabriel Reid and his piece Pestilence and Iniquity. This stunning image was created using 3ds Max, Vray, Zbrush and Photoshop. I wish he divulged how long this took as I… Continue reading Monday Is A Curse On All Of Us