2020 Is One Looong Monday

Sooo, what is new?

Yeah it has been AWHILE since we last had a chat and besides the world imploding, things have been busy here, I have just been slacking big time on this part.

A pandemic, social uprising, murder hornets, weather events and we are only just over halfway through the year.

Prepare yourself for Rabid Ladybug’s this fall folks!!!

Yeah that was something I did over 15 years ago. I was a Photoshop guy in another lifetime. Still fun……but IF it happens, I want nature to provide royalties. Make me rich 2020 in 2021!!

Ok, enough of that nonsense. On to some 3D stuff.

It has been a slow year so far with everything going on, unfortunately (there is a move coming so lots to prep). But there is still work being done!

Lets start with this little gem, the rubber duck!

Ok, so that was a fun, quick 3 hour sculpt I had done. I am sure sometime down the line I will do some variations off the base model to warm myself up.

Lets get to the actual monster that has invaded our lives over the past months of this year.

The Covid Monster.

How about that mask now?

Perfect time for a merch plug! Get yourself your very own Covid Monster face mask here!

That will keep people away!

Another quick sculpt I chose to turn into a game ready asset and animate was this little boar creature:

For the last completed project, I decided to take some time and create a generic avatar character for use in a “game” project.

Cliff notes: a “gamification” of my personal portfolio.

What better way to show off 3D art than in a virtual art museum? That project is still being worked on, but here is the character:

This guy took me a lot longer than I had wanted, but he is complete and walking around with him inside of a game environment is pretty neat!

Then there are the two projects that are still being worked on here and there, yeah, always multiple projects going on at once.

Well that is it for this update. There will be a bit more radio silence for the near future as things get uprooted and look to settle down once again, but any and all updates will be posted as they come available.

Spoiler alert! Slowly working on a project now that will hit that “level up” factor!!!

Till next time folks.

“Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.” — Unknown