The Angry Monday 2019 Year In Review


It is, in fact, Tuesday. The final day of 2019!

NOT Monday. Phew.

Well time has flown and another year, another decade is about to be behind us. The last we spoke was back in September. Oops.

Did you feel neglected?

Did you notice the silence?

I know the true answer to that. It will not hurt my one feeling.

Well, now that the pages are turning to 2020, lets have a look back at what was 2019 at Angry Monday!

Sit back because this is going to be a lengthy one.

There were many triumphs and some fails for the year as with any, so lets start with the fails so we can forget about them by the end of this posting, shall we?

Wow. That is embarrassing!

I will just go with the excuse that I was not feeling the creative flow doing those.

You Live. You Learn. You Move On.

A few online 3D challenges were entered over the course of the year and all of them I am proud of the final results.

We started off the year with the 3D Character Workshop Creature Box Challenge which I had chosen to do the Rhinox.

I am really hoping this challenge returns this year as I love the concept art of this team of guys.

Up next was the Retrogasm 2019 Game Character Challenge. This year I chose to bring DigDug to the table.

Not even a mention on that one, but the competition is REALLY stiff, like professional level competition. The outcome was worth the effort, though, as I learned quite a lot with the full pipeline of game character creation. I will be thinking about if I should skip 2020 on that one or not. Time will tell.

3rd challenge of the year is always my favorite. The 3D Character Workshop Halloween Challenge! It’s my favorite holiday so of course it would be my favorite challenge!

This year’s theme was Movie Poster. Last year I was given an honorable mention and the results of 2019 have not been announced yet….. taps foot in anticipation.

I kind of really want to make that animated movie a reality.

And the final challenge of the year was for Christmas! Bring your favorite classic Christmas characters to life was the sum of it!

Well the Grinch would be too obvious a choice for me, don’t you think?

So instead….my versions of The Miser Brothers completed during the Thursday night quick sculpt sessions. (2 hours each)

Apart from the challenges, the year was also filled with random characters for fun, practice and whatever other word I cannot think of at the moment.

Monday’s sculpting tends to be more geared towards the longer character building projects which can take a couple of weeks, or sometimes a couple of months, and are always shown live on the Angry Monday Twitch Channel.

You should check it out for 2020. I just gave you the only resolution you needed.

Here are the Monday sculpts in order, minus the challenge ones above:

There are also Thursday night streams! 2 hour quick sculpts start to finish. Some are from concept, some are just out of my head. Scary. It is really just a night to loosen up and have some fun.

In no particular order, minus the Miser Brothers of course:

That is a total of 31 sculpts completed for 2019. Three of them being horrific, I will take those odds.

And those are just the ones that were finished. Here is a look at the unfinished ones that may see the light of day in 2020:

I did leave one sculpt out of the mix as it is still a work in progress and quite important for the Angry Monday brand.

It is currently in the process of re-topology and UV’s and next it will get rigged for some animation.

Say hello to number 32, the official Angry Monday “mascot” (well it is me, so it is what it is):

Hmmm, that is over triple the output from 2018. Achievement unlocked! (In 2018 only 14 were started, with only 10 finished and only one worth mentioning).

The Angry Monday Twitch community has been getting stronger and looking ahead to 2020, I hope it continues to surprise me.

59 paid subscriptions over the 12 month period. Wow.

92 new followers also joined for a total of 225 to date. Hard to think that would be the case 2 years ago when I first started on this quest.

For those reading this that are one of them, Thank You, you make it worth going live each and every time.

And if you are not, what are you waiting for?

For less than 17 cents a day, that is less than a cup of coffee, you can help an artist create an imaginary 3D world out of his own crazy mind. Or really just help build the network, is more like it.

And if you have Amazon Prime, it will not cost you a penny! (You just have to remember to manually resub every month, bummer).

What is in store for 2020? More art of course!

This years goals are as follows:

  • A minimum of 50 projects completed.
  • Rig and animate the Angry Monday character.
  • Build on the blocks I have so far and push to more perfected, detailed portfolio pieces.
  • Place in the top 3 of any challenge.
  • Continue building the Twitch channel and possible addition of another time slot.
  • Build the Angry Monday YouTube Channel (maybe even broadcast once a week there, what do you think?).
  • Begin selling designs for 3D printing.
  • Begin to take on commissions, freelance or go full time as a 3D character artist. (its a lofty goal, but its a goal none the less).

I got this.

Well that sums up a pretty busy 2019. Looking back at the year is always fun and quite an eye opener. I had no idea so much was done. 2020 will only be better!

Before we end our time together today, start your 2020 off right and give these links a follow and subscribe to all parts of the Angry Monday Network:

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Till next time folks.

Tuesday, we only like you because you are not Monday.