Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Monday Hell!

Hello to all my fellow Monday haters out there. It has been awhile, yes.

Just over a month in fact.

That is proof I am not here to spam your inbox with frivolous BS.

OK, maybe just a bit.

Well, when we last spoke I mentioned a challenge I was participating in.

Do you recall?

Yeah I did not think so, but let me refresh your memory for a quick second.

Yep, that is the old school classic, DigDug! The challenge is to take a Retro game and bring it to today’s standards in 3D definition.

Well there has been quite a bit of boring work you would not understand going on, but I do finally have something to share.

With only 2 weeks before the deadline!

Oh man!

Sleep is what I need and a coma will be induced once this is all over with.


This was the first glimpse I had given you last month:

Now is that just precious or what?! It’s look like all they want to do is give you a damn hug!

Ugghh, I already have trouble with hair loss.

Back to the drawing board we go!

Alright, lets make things a bit more adult looking, yet cartoon enough for a game reboot of pixelated excellence…….. and be sure to add SOME details to it!


Now we are getting somewhere!

Finally the style is complete and on to something called Retopolgy.

What the hell does that mean you ask?

Well, kinda hard to explain. Let’s just say, this image has ALOT of lines in it. Over a million in fact. Way too much for a game to handle and move around smoothly.

So we go ahead and draw boxes by hand around the entire model to knock those numbers down.

The glory is real, folks. It is like living the rockstar life.

Although, it could not be farther from it.

This is my very first attempt at being a rockstar  working this retopolgy stuff and it was not easy for sure. (It took countless hours over 2 weeks to get it somewhat presentable).

It may not be pretty and win me any awards, but it is done and I can move on to the next stage in the game character pipeline.

Will meet right back here in two weeks for the final product!

Till then folks……….

Never make your favorite song the alarm for Monday morning; you will hate it for years.