The Only thing Worse Than Politics…

….. is Monday.

Howdy folks!

It is time for another update, so here ya go!

Last we spoke I was working on the AngryMonday brand character. You may recall this guy here……

Yeah he kinda looks like me, that is the intent at least.
Well not too much has been done to him since (we will get to the reason in a sec) but he now has hair! This was a bit of a struggle as it was my first time tackling stylized hair on a character and I am quite happy with the results.
So that project has been, sort of, put in the side burner. At least its priority has dropped because on July 1st, Retrogasm 2019 was announced!
Some of you that have been here awhile may recall last year when I had entered and had chosen Excitebike as my entry choice. It was a disaster.
Let me refresh your memory…….
Well it is a year later and now I have chosen something a bit more in my wheel house….I just need to do 3 characters instead!
Oy vey.
What is Retrogasm 2019 you ask?
The short explanation:
It is a challenge being judged by game and entertainment industry greats where you choose a 6th generation game console, or prior, game character and bring it to today’s standards.
This year I chose DigDug!
Anyone remember this?
 Yeah you just aged yourself. Welcome to the club!
After two broadcasts, this is where it stands now. Lots to do before September to finish it, but feeling pretty good with where it is currently at.
2019 is the year of redemption!!!
Till next time peeps!
Today is “Be a Dork Day”. I do not have any Monday whit for that one, but who the fuck comes up with this shit?