Another Joyful Monday……

..said no one ever.

Alright folks, it has been a couple of weeks so time to check in.

Ahead of the American Holiday next week, this will probably be my last post for a few weeks. Travel and less exciting things (like retopolgy) are ahead so there will not be too much to post here. But you can always follow on Instagram for more, smaller project, goodies!

Ok, so last weeks Twisted Sculpt Thursday brought to life this little happy fellow. Finally after a couple of duds, a 2 hour sculpt generated a winner. He is not the Pillsbury Dough Boy so I would suggest not poking his belly. He looks like he may have some ties to criminal organizations. You were warned.

And finally for this week, an update to the larger of the projects. If you recall, this will be going through the entire game/animation pipeline. That means once the sculpt is final, it will head to retopolgy, uv mapping, rigging and hopefully some animation. Yeah I am probably speaking a different language to you, I will make it simple: It will be a major pain in the fucking ass.

This WILL be AngryMonday.

After all, he is based of the likeness of his creator!

Well that wraps up this week.

You are always welcome to check out the work live , twice a week at the AngryMonday Broadcast.

Till next time………..

Here is to you Monday: