Ballpoints for Monday

So it has been a month once again since we last touched base. We have some catching up to do!

First off, lets get the Twisted Sculpt Thursday art out of the way.

If you are new around here, TST is a two hour stream every Thursday night at 7pm est where anything can happen. A Blockout starts and whatever happens……happens.

So here are the results from last months TST!

And then there is Monday….oh Monday.

Monday is, of course, the big project days. One’s that will take sometime a month, sometimes more to complete.

Last month saw the start of another Danny Illustrations project of a rabbit. It had gotten to the point where I was not very happy with it and was unable to figure out how to fix it. After messing with it over 2 weeks, I decided to put him aside for another day. there were other things that needed to be done, which we will get to.

So here is the original concept:

And this is as far as I had gotten.

That bottom jaw is really making me lose sleep some nights.

So with the decision to put that aside, it was time to start on a project that is long overdo. The Angry Monday brand character.

For those of you that have been around awhile, you may recall some minotaur characters I was working on for this very reason.

Well I chose, instead, to go a different route.

So now, the character will be based off my likeness. The one behind the pen. In front of the camera. Stuffing his face with pizza.

Let’s see how this turns out!

This project will be the first one that will go through the entire 3D pipeline that is needed for games and animation.

So get back to me in 3 years and it may be done.

Till the next time folks!

Today is Ball Point Pen Day. You know what they are good for?

Stabbing Monday in the eye.