Knock. Knock. Monday Here.

Wow, it has been an entire month since we last spoke. My how time flies.

Well, plenty of small projects were done over the past month during “Twisted Sculpt Thursday’s

…and if you are following on Instagram you have already seen them all.

But for those that have not, here you go!

Those were all pretty fun to do, the premise for Thursday night broadcasts is to just go nuts. No plan. Just see what happens and those are the results so far!

Monday’s are still the long streams and concentration is more on larger projects. The latest project is close to tying up, for for now, here is what has been done thus far:

A big thanks for Danny Illustrations for allowing me to use his concept on the left to bring to life in 3D.

Hope to put this one to bed next week!

Well there is your update for the month of April. If you have not already, be sure to follow the AngryMonday Twitch Channel or even head on to the Instagram page and follow there!

Till next time folks!

“Maybe if we all sit extremely still, Monday will not be able to see us.” –anon