Duck. Duck. Duck. CHICKEN! RUN It’s Monday!!!!

It is time once again for us to have a sit down chat. No one is in trouble….THIS time.

But this will be quick.

Had some plans to start another project today using another artists concept work, but unfortunately, I had not heard back in time for when the channel went live.

Oh boy, that sure made a mess of things. With no plan (yeah, I should know better) the first hour was a struggle.

An attempt to work on the brand character failed miserably. You may recall the bull from last year that was being created, yeah well, I was not happy with it and thought starting over would bring it more towards what I was pushing for.

It turned out to be a big ball of poopie after 3 attempts.

Time to put that aside and get back to the drawing board as they say.

Took a short break, shook things off, cleared the mind, stretched the neck/back and sat back down.

Placed a ball in the work area and just started playing around. (I won’t lie, I stared at it for a few minutes first).

Hmmm…something may be happening here.

What happens if I push this here?

Should I add this?

How about I shrink this down a bit?

Let’s delete that and try this……

Ok, yeah I like that. There is that personality I was looking for.


Here is some fucked up looking duck/chicken looking thing with a cute butt that is now a work in progress.


Till next time folks!

“If you ever see my smiling on a Monday, an alien has killed me and is wearing my skin as a disguise.” — no idea who to credit but that is some funny shit.