Super Monday!….

…is not better than any other Monday.

But we are here to at least make some light of it.

This week I introduce you to the final result of the Creature Box Rhinox!

It was a month long journey to get this one done in time for the deadline and made it with just a few hours to spare.

Unfortunately, the render that was submitted was sub par due to the form factor it had to be submitted. 720 x 1080 did not fit the subject so well. Gonna have to take that into consideration for the next challenge!

So after the dust settled and a day of recovery was had, the project was revisited to edit for posting on social media and such. THIS is how I wish it could have looked.

No matter though, this was a BLAST to do and seriously proud of the final result. Now it is just the waiting game on the judges to hand down the results and give feedback on all 41 submissions. Yikes!

Quite a few other things going on around here that I am not really ready to announce yet, but you can always stay up to date by subscribing to the blog, following any of the social media links or, if you feel really frisky, come check out the live broadcasts over on the Angry Monday Twitch Channel!

One thing I can announce…….

A shiny new website!

Have a look here and tell me what you think!

Till next time folks……

Apparently today is “Create a Vacuum Day”…..cause Monday sucks.