Blockout Monday.

….from existence, would be nice.

Ok, so I am not gonna pull your chain today, this IS in fact a quick post.

Last week I informed you of a challenge I will be entering for the 3D Character Workshop.

The rules are simple:

  1. Pick any creature from the Creature Box archive and recreate it in 3D.
  2. Have it completed no later that January 31st 2019.

Well, I am a bit late at starting.

It took awhile to narrow down which of the great creations they have available and something in my current skill level, but I finally narrowed it down to THE one.

And here it is. The Rhinox!

Still a long ways to go, but it has at least been started. More updates in the coming weeks!

And if you have not already taken a look, check out how I did the blockout for the bear from last week here on my YouTube Channel.

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Till next time folks….

Today is “Dress Up Your Pet Day”. I am just going to shake my head at that.