Let’s Do this 2019!

Well 2018 ended with a long winded post, so lets make this one a quick one!

Last week was the very first annual 12 hour stream over on the AngryMonday Twitch channel and it was a blast. A bit draining, but a blast to do regardless.

Ended up bringing in 2019 on the couch half asleep.

Thankfully another year till that happens again……probably.

I had decided on two new projects to start AND finish. And while the second did not turn out so well, I was pretty happy with the first.

The concept is from a website called ThePicsees.com and they were more than welcoming for one of their creations to be transformed to the 3D workspace. They have such a cool. whimsical style which I am always a fan of.

And here is the final result!

Sometime in the future I will be doing one of their more completed designs as I already have it picked out! But for now, let’s move on…

And here is the second, less desirable, project of the day. Really struggled with this guy from the start. Not sure if it was the subject matter or just getting burnt out during a marathon stream. Starting two projects and finishing them in the same day was a nice accomplishment for sure no matter the final outcome.

Fast forward a couple of days to Wednesday and the channel was live again!

It was time for another new project!

Since Wednesday night broadcasts are shorter, typically 2-3 hours, there was just enough time for a quick blockout of the next one I wished to create.Yep, that is how these things start out. Getting basic shapes down and such before really digging in to the nitty gritty.

Which brings us to today, the nitty gritty day I will now call it. Holidays behind us, back to regular schedule and was time to get that blockout into shape and finish him up. Just how I wanted the first stream of the new year to be. Finishing up a project.

With a foggy head (think a head cold is coming, why do people like this time of year?) things really started to take shape. 4 hours later, the Blue Bear came to life!

That was a pretty fun one to do!

Meanwhile, through all of this artwork and broadcasting, the newest addition to the AngryMonday Productions Network was being born.

A YouTube channel!

Still a work in progress and will work through the content that gets views, likes and subscribers, but for now I will be posting edited content from the Twitch live streams, some live gaming there and a few other ideas in the works.

So go ahead and click the link there and be sure to like and subscribe!

It’s FREE for crying out loud!

And last but not least, the first 3D challenge of the year was announced late last week and I am really looking forward to getting this one started and completed. The concept artwork is to be from CreatureBox and will need to be submitted no later than January 31st. So we will touch base on that next week, still deciding on what to choose at this point!

So 2018 went out with a bang and 2019 is already off to a running start. Again thanks to all my supporters on all platforms. I am certainly grateful you have chosen to follow along on this journey.

And I also lied, it was not a short one. It’s Monday. You are welcome.

Till next week, folks…..

Today is “Old Rock Day” ( I do not make this stuff up) Well, Monday is an old rock and should be dumped into the middle of the ocean.

The End.