A New Year Is upon Us!!!

And 2018 was a blast! What is in store for 2019? Well first lets take a look back at this year.

January 2nd 2018 was the very first official broadcast on the AngryMonday Twitch channel. Expectations were low and it started off rough and quiet. I quickly had 5 followers, woohoo! The mountain was still steep though. There were achievements to be made to generate income from this crazy idea.

Well March 8th 2018 the first achievement was made. 50 followers, 3 average viewers, and within a 30 day period, stream for 8 hours on 7 different days. The path to Twitch Affiliate was complete!

What does this mean you ask? Subscribers! My channel was now open to accept income and provide emotes and sub badges to my subscribers.

Although I quickly created my own sub badges, I slacked on the emote part, but ended up breaking down and paying someone to create the emotes for me and here they are:

Pretty cool stuff if I may say so myself.

There were plenty of ups and downs, in April I entered my first 3D challenge and fell short of what was expected. Live and learn. The journey was fun and I learned a lot and glad I did it, regardless.I was clearly in over my head and knew I had to do something about it. So I got more serious and chose my next concepts more carefully. Since then, I think the works speaks for itself.

And then came October…another 3D challenge. Oh boy. How were things going to turn out this time? I was surely not going down easy. Redemption from the embarrassment of the Excitebike entry from months prior was was the only option.

And dagnabbit,  redemption is what happened! Honorable mention right there boys and girls. Rising from the ashes of defeat!

So this long winded post takes us to today, December 31, 2018. Just shy of one year later and there is plenty to celebrate.

  • 465 total hours aired.
  • 1.29K total hours watched.
  • 2,827 total live views
  • 34 subscriptions total over the year
  • $100.36 in revenue

Ok, so that last metric may not seem like much, but that is more than what I had yesterday and for doing something I enjoy.

Those stats are for year ONE. A fledgling in the streaming world! Man, who would have thought the ride would have taken us here.

So what is in store for 2019?

More AngryMonday of course!

These 2 gems are still in the latter stages of finishing up at some point:

Starting today, December 31, 2018 is the Anniversary 12 hour stream! From 9am to 9pm! Yeah, while you are reading this I am live! So finish up here and come check it out!

Coming in January there will be another 3D challenge and my aim is to finally place 3rd or better. Wish me luck!

The rest of the year is still to be mapped out, but I can assure you more fun stuff is coming like more merchandise, giveaways, unacceptable antics and more!

So there it is, the 2018 YEAR ONE wrap up. It’s amazing to look back and see all the accomplishments made.

The support has been more than I could have ever expected and I will do my damnedest to keep the channel moving forward and continue my growth as a 3D artist and streamer.

And now there is only one thing left for you to do: Click here and get on board the AngryMonday Train!

Have a Happy And Safe New Year everyone!

So 2018 ends on a Monday, how convenient.