‘Tis The Season To Continue to Hate on Monday

Well I felt it was time for another update since it had been a few weeks and there is plenty to get caught up on.

First is an update on the project that was shown in the last post. Pony’s Vengeance is a video game currently in production and I was given the pleasure to use the main character as a concept to turn 3D.

Ring any bells?

Well here is the latest on her!

Still plenty to go, but progress has been substantial to this point. Looking forward to finishing her off in the coming weeks.

Being a broadcaster on Twitch.tv is sometimes quite a bit overwhelming with the amount of background things you must do to attract new followers and such..on top of generating content on screen. From Follower, Donation, Subscriber, etc. Animations (still working on those), channel graphics, ideas on giveaways to emotes and badges for subscribers. Well finally I have the latter. Every subscriber will now get the following perks just for supporting the channel:

And lastly.

Have been teasing this one a few times over the past month or so and I feel it is time to reveal what stands now as the new AngryMonday brand mascot! There will be some  tweaks here and there and it still needs to be posed, but for the most part, it is what it will be.

The holidays are upon us but that does not mean things will be slowing down here. Plenty going on and plenty of things in the works for the future and something big coming on the 31st! So stick around and become a follower today!

Till next time……..


Today is National “Roof Over Your Head Day”! Wow, why is that not a world celebrated holiday? Good going, Monday.