And the results are in!

It’s a shorter Monday! At least for daylight.

So just a brief update for the project that was completed last week.

Here it is to refresh your memory:

If you recall, it was for a challenge in a group I am a member of, run by the extremely talented Shane Olson. Well after all the submissions were in, he dropped the bombshell….

It was to be judged! And judged by the folks at Sideshow Collectibles!!

There were no expectations on this end. The other works were far superior in my opinion. Feedback from the professionals was all I was hoping to expect.

And I got the feedback I was hoping for….and even an honorable mention!

You can check out the blog post by following the link below if you wish. My submission is a bit down the page, but be sure to check out the other works AngryMonday was up against!

Till next time!

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November….was a Monday in 2018.