…cause I had no other idea for a title.

Well, in efforts to not spam the hell out of everyone, it has been almost a month since we last spoke. Quite a bit of news to catch up on as a result.

First up is the start of my entry for a Halloween Challenge due later this month. Going to be tough to finish on time as there is much more to do, but gonna do my best! Based off original art by Oleg Erin which can be found below.

Second on the list is another WIP that I have been working on during the live streams and now it is starting to get to a point where I am willing to flash you a sneak peek! This will be the brand new AngryMonday Brand Mascot…..till I decide to make another one….again.

Really proud of this one so far.

And finally, today marks exactly 10 months since I started on this venture. And coincidentally, AngryMonday reached 100 followers on this day. Partaaaay!

There is going to be quite the recap at the end of the year!

Till next time…….

Today is World Vegetarian Day. Ha! THAT is fitting, I am going to go eat a steak.