Monday Rocks!!…….

…that are tied to your feet as it pulls you down into the depths of realizing an entire week is still ahead. Yeah…reality slap!

So pay attention here as there is a lot to go over this week! Since last weeks post was delayed due to lack of content, this one will make up for it.

First up, here is the latest finished project.

Last we spoke, it was almost to completion…or so I thought. Quite a bit was pointed out that need some tweaking and a tweaking away I went. You can see the side by side comparison below and the final all by its lonesome below that. 

I really had a blast bringing this concept to three dimensions. Paride has such a whimsical and unique style and I will surely revisit his works to recreate in the future. Still a few things I wish to fix on this guy, but that will be left for another day……..possibly.

Now on to this weeks NEW projects!

Broadcasts are still going live every Monday @2pm est. and growing each and every time. Be sure to join in sometime and witness my angelic singing voice as I work away!

On today’s 5 hour long singing party, 2 new projects were started and are in different stages of development. This first one here is the start of the official AngryMonday character:

Yes, there currently is one, but as my skills improve it only makes me want to improve on the brand I am unleashing upon this crazy world we live in. Next week will start the head to give this brute some identity.

And the latter part of the broadcast was spent on this healthy guy.


This here is an idea I had for a shirt that will be available in the, soon to be released, AngryMonday Merch Store. 

Another one with no head you say? Yep, for good reason. The head will give away too much at this point so if you are not watching live….you will not see it till completion and store launch! That will teach you for not tuning in!

Which brings us to our final order of business. For all you Twitch Prime subscribers from last month, you know who you are….Thank You. Your support is greatly appreciated and I ask that if you would like to continue to support my efforts, please do so by resubscribing using your Twitch Prime free token once again. It is still free to you and tosses a few dollars my way!

Yes, every month it needs to be manually done, unfortunately, but it is now easier since you have your Amazon linked. All you have to go is return to the AngryMonday channel and hit subscribe and select the option to use your token. It is THAT easy!

If you are not following and subscribing….shame on you!

Till next time folks.

Today is “Just Because” day……so kick Monday in the gigglebits “just because”.