WIPS! WIPS! Monday’s Tookus!

We first start off with the second part of today’s broadcast.

Why you ask? Cause it’s my show and I will do what I wish!

I had been a fan of Paride Bertoli’s work for quite some time and finally decided to contact him and ask if he would mind if I used his work to create some 3D from. He happily gave me permission, so to work I went. Here is the start of one of them with the concept in the corner. Be sure to check out his stuff on his Facebook page here

Prior to that little doozy, work was started on a brand new AngryMonday design to be the face of the brand.

Pretty eventful 5 hour stream all around! Be sure to hop on the Angry Train by clicking here. Follow and subscribe for free using your Amazon Prime!

Today is International Day of Friendship, ha! No one makes friends with Monday!