2018 Six Month Recap

Something a bit different today. Time to reflect.

Six months ago I set out on a mission, to take my art live on the internet where anyone could come and watch.

My expectations were low. Who would really want to watch me? WHY would anyone want to watch me?

I waited for the trolls to arrive. I was ready for ’em, yet they have not shown to date. That is sort of disappointing as I enjoy toying with a troll or two from time to time, but I suppose one day I will be able to have that sort of fun.

I was giving it a one year shot and then I would evaluate to decide if I was to continue or not.

Well, the experience has been quite the opposite of all that I had expected.

Within 4 months I had reached 50 followers and completed all the achievements to become Twitch Affiliate. This new status opened up the chance for anyone to subscribe to the AngryMonday channel for as little as $4.99 a month to support if they wished. Not only that, but since Twitch is also owned by Amazon, those with an Amazon Prime account were now able to subscribe to me for free!….and I still get paid. WIN!

Soon after that, I joined a group with fellow artists from around the world and the support they have shown has been outstanding. Twitch Tank folks…I cannot express the gratitude for the support you have all provided. You are all fantastic artists and I bow in your presence. I am proud to be a part of the community because of each and every one of you.

I then entered my very first 3D challenge. Although I was disappointed with the final results of my project, it opened my eyes to a slew of things I had to force myself to learn. I had never made game ready content prior to this challenge. Boy was I a dummy. I still take what I have learned as a plus side to the experience.

The end of June marked 6 full months of this journey. Halfway to my one year evaluation time and already 78 followers strong and 4 subscribers.


I had been sitting on this brand name for years, trying to come up with different ideas of what exactly to do with it. AngryMonday is now finally something.

I would be lying if I claimed things were easy all the time, coming up with ideas week to week for the stream, creating graphics for the stream, keeping this blog going. It has not, at times it has felt daunting with the amount of work I had before me….along with holding down a full time job. Not every broadcast has been smooth sailing either. But I would not change one thing.

My one year evaluation has come six months early…and there is no stopping.

I guarantee my friends wonder if I still wish to remain friends with them since I am always doing something with this project. I have the best friends anyone could ask for and their support as well does not go unnoticed. Just keep cutting me some slack. Ha!

Enough reflecting, it is still a shitty Monday after all, no time for mushy woodee poo stuff.

Here is a look back at some of the completed projects so far this year.

And one more special one that was created on stream today specifically for all of you…because you Rock!

And now on to 2018 part 2.