IIIIIT”S FRIDA……..Ha Jokes on you!

So its been over two weeks since the last post, did you even realize this is what you were missing? Yeah, if you did, you would be a narcissist for looking forward to Monday’s. Not that there is anything wrong with it…actually it would just be weird.

So a lot has been happening behind the scenes around here, broadcasts have continued and much work has been done.

Remember that Excitebike project?

Well, the deadline was last Friday and although the final result was not up to par with what I had in mind, nor against the class I was up against, it was an achievement just to get it completed and on time. Mission accomplished! Over two months struggling with learning two new programs and cramming it all in with 30 minutes to spare was a feat for sure. It was well worth the journey and an enjoyable experience for my very first challenge. So many incredible artists took part and it was such an inspiration!

So here it is, in its final glory…enjoy! (be sure to click on the 4th image, go ahead and zoom and spin it around to take it all in!)


Ohhhh..whats this? Bonus material!

Well, after going silent for two weeks, suppose you should get a sneak peak at the next project for sticking around. Here are some brand spanking new doodles. Playing around with some forms and a new modeling technique. Always doing it live every Monday at 2pm est right HERE. Come hang out, give a follow and talk shit if you wish…..or even say nothing at all.

Today is “National Panic Day”. Go ahead and panic…it is another F’n Monday!