Retrogasm2018 Challenge Accepted

Welcome to another wonderful Monday…yeah not for most.

As mentioned last week, I decided to dive into my very first 3D challenge. Retrogasm 2018 is what the challenge has been titled and the task is to choose a game character from a generation 5 console (Playstation One, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64) or prior and give it an updated look. It will be judged by some of the game and 3D industry greats and there are quite a few in the challenge as well. Oh boy what did I get myself into?

Day one is now a memory and Excitebike is coming to life! Loved this game as a kid when it was in the arcade and then later on the original Nintendo. So many memories of bumming quarters in that dark backroom of the local movie rental store to play as much as I could till it finally was able to be played at home. The real challenge is still to come when I get into creating a bike. I mean, what would Excitebike be without a bike to ride?…..sighs.

So here it is, the current state and can all be witnessed live on Twitch! The challenge ends on the 15th of June so plenty more time to tackle this. 

On side note, last week saw the completion of a dragon sculpt that was posted that was created with 3D printing in mind. The first pass has been completed and I must say, it came out really good! It will soon be raffled off to a lucky follower on the AngryMonday Twitch channel so click those links and get on board or find the app in your app store and search for AngryMonday. The target number of followers will be announced this week and the raffle will happen once that goal is met! Here is what it looks like:

Monday…it’s like a warm, fuzzy teddy bear. Except it’s not.