A day late and a dollar short….

…but it is always Monday here.

This week brings a project that has seen itself to completion. Lot’s of work has been put into this with 3D printing in mind. Once the prototype has been created and then sent of to get professionally printed, this bad boy could end up being yours!

How so you ask?

Easy, head over to Twitch and give a follow. Once all things are in place, I will be holding a giveaway at a currently undetermined follow count. One lucky, random follower will be given this AngryMonday exclusive to paint, crush, throw at someone, or whatever you would like to do with it!

In other news, I just recently entered a challenge called Retrogasm! The short is to pick a game character from a generation 5 or earlier console and give it an updated look. I really dug myself a hole and chose…wait for it……..


Going to be an interesting voyage for sure and the trainwreck will all be streamed live on the AngryMonday channel on Twitch so get that follow on and see you there!

Yesterday was “Name Yourself Day” what does that even mean?…..Ef You Monday.