Affiliate Monday.

What is up with the title you ask? Please read the following big news fully.

During Sunday’s stream (yesterday) AngryMonday became an official affiliate channel over on After only two and a half months, 56 followers, almost 250 hrs broadcasted and an average of 3 viewers over 30 days, all the milestones have been achieved! What a fun ride it has been so far.

What does that even mean, you ask? Well its easy, now you and all your friends and family are able to support the channel by subscribing for as little as $4.99 a month! Yep, for less than one cup of coffee from Starbucks you can help keep the channel going! Is there any better way to spend $5? I sure cannot think of any. But wait….there is more! If you are an Amazon Prime member…you get to subscribe for FREE! Who doesn’t like free stuff on a Monday….or any day for that matter?!

So now I am sure you are asking yourself, how do I support such an awesome channel? Well, you have two choices. You can access on a computer, create an account and subscribe…just make sure you are doing it on the AngryMonday channel. If you are on a mobile device, just head over to your app store and search for the app. Once you installed it and created an account, search for AngryMonday and BOOM, there you can subscribe. If you wish to use your Amazon Prime account, you will have to link it to Twitch prior to subscribing. It really is THAT easy.

So now that the business part is out of the way, here is a little teaser update of what has been going down live on the channel. It is a continuation from last week and will be back at it later today @4pm est. So come on by and see the entire model and show some love by following and/or subscribing. Hope to see you there!

Today is National Poultry Day…ummm yeah I got nothing. But I am sure there is a Monday joke in there somewhere.