#@&*! Monday

AAAAAnnnnnnnddddd Done. MissVamp420 is now posed and complete and shown below…..as long as she confirms that she is happy with it, I am calling it complete. Hmmmm….what’s next? Well, there are a few things on the list to do, so ill roll the dice and see which will be the next project.

49 followers people. One away from 50. And you might not be one of them and I doubt you have a good reason for it. So get on it! AngryMonday Live <——There is the link so no more excuses! Will greatly appreciate your support! Come hang if you wish when I am live, throw tomatoes at me, heckle, do what you wish. I can handle it. Bring it on!

Till next time folks………

They made Presidents Day on Monday cause politics suck just as bad.