A Monday Treat just For You!

This week is a doozy and a little different. Although I showcase a lot of 3D on this blog, my real interest has always been animation. I am presenting to you an animated short by Josiah Brooks, or better known as Jazza, all the way from down under, yep…Australia. He is an amazing artist and animator that has successfully created a huge following and career doing his work. He has a YouTube channel called Draw With Jazza that I highly recommend for all you artists out there and do watch his live Twitch Streams as well. he even just released a drawing app called Arty Games to help hone in your drawing skills!

This short is called The Tale Teller and it is just under 9 minutes long (it took almost a year to produce) and well worth a watch.  Below the video are a few links that you can find Jazza and all his creations so be sure to check him out.

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