Another Monday…another Artist Spotlight.

Finally! That rare and elusive Monday we ALL love! HA! Who are we kidding? Well at least it is almost over and you get to enjoy this weeks Artist Spotlight! This week has an added special treat to it! Mathias Vera Toro is an student of the arts located in Montpellier, France and he created this little creature of the earth with superb detail. What really made me want to choose this little guy this week is the fact that it is also rigged and animated! Be sure to check that out, he shows us a glimpse behind the animation by showing what is rigged and the mesh he created. Modeling and animation done with Maya, sculpting with Zbrush, rendered in Clarisse and compositing in Nuke. Have a look for yourself and watch it come to life! Check out his portfolio below and be sure to keep an eye on his work, I am positive this guy is going places.

Leopard Gecko by Mathias Vera Toro

Mathias Vera Toro Portfolio

Monday is the devil’s work.