OK….so this Monday is not so bad….

…because it is a holiday here in the states to remember those that served our country. But everywhere else, yeah, I feel your pain. Well at least it is time for the Artist Spotlight!!!! This week is just plain COOL! Vinicius Tokue is working on a short movie and was nice enough to share this screenshot with the world! I hope to catch the final product once he finishes it and post it here on AngryMonday if he does. Created using Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop, the atmosphere of this image has me so intrigued, a place I would love to travel to and check out. I would imagine one would feel some sort of spiritual intervention of sorts like some claim of Machu Picchu. check out some of his other works using the link below the image!

Tiki Short Movie – External Scene by Vinicius Tokue


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