Webslinging into Monday!

Howdy folks, back for another Monday morsel of creative goodness from the world of 3D modelers. This week I am still sticking on the superhero bandwagon, holding on for dear life, to showcase this little lady that I would not want as an adversary. Say hello to Amazing Spider-Gwen, modeled by Brian Bedford with inspiration from the talented comic artist Robbi Rodriguez. Although Robbi is the original designer for the simplicity of this character, I still feel Brain deserves a lot of credit for capturing the same simple stylized design in this model, adding to the fact it is rigged to animate as well! The final composition of this image is just a perfect fit to capture this character’s simplicity. Have a gander at a small collection of his work down below!

Amazing Spider-Gwen by Brian Bedford

Brian Bedford Portfolio

Rock on Monday haters! Strength in numbers will make it topple to its knees!!