Aaaaand Back…….

Yep, without any warning whatsoever a break was taken. Sorry about that, but things needed to be done and projects worked on including some new stuff about to be deployed that you will all see very, very soon.

This week I chose to cheat and base my spotlight on the Captain America Civil War movie release. This is just a glimpse of the expert modelling by Mars hailing from Bangkok, Thailand depicting a very unique rendition of the Cap and Iron Man. I am so impressed by the level of detail he so masterfully added to these too great superheroes.

And as always, be sure to check out his other creations by following the link below, he has a great talent for modelling heroes we all know and love.

Civil War: Whose Side are you On? by Mars

Mars’ Portfilio

Monday…..yeah you know what you can do with yourself…..JUST DO IT.