Masterful Artist Showcase

For 3D artists, there is so much inspiration available to us out there in many forms. From other amateurs to the seasoned professionals. The internet has made all of it readily available for us to feast our eyes upon and strive for something more. Per Haagensen is just one of those seasoned professionals that has the talent to blow ones mind. It is no surprise this artist, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, is the Art Director @ EA Dice. Just have a gander at the image below. No that is not a photograph of the stunning Anne Hathaway, it is a 3D rendering created in Zbrush and Lightwave. There is nothing I can say more about this project, it really speaks for itself of the talent of an artist and the power of computers today. Be sure to click the link below to see Per’s online portfolio, all of his works are worth the time.

Catwoman #1 – “The Dark Knight Rises” by Per HaagensenPer Haagensen Portfolio

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