Superbowlitis Spotlight

That is a true title. Look it up on the internet. Everything is true on the internet.

This weeks Artist Spotlight is quite a stunning and creative piece by Alex Villanueva titled Under Bite. I really love the texturing on this. The scales, blood, all of it. It adds so much detail and depth to the creature. The lighting is also top notch. I can immediately tell this is one mofo I would not want to cross. So many questions I would love to discover about it. Like, does it have 4 eyes? Or are it’s ears unlike any known species to date? Did this lizard creature just eat a steak or just a human leg? Wonder what the language would sound like as well. Check out a few of Alex’s other works by following the link after the image as always….

Under Bite by Alex Villanueva

Alex Villanueva Website

…….and Fuck You Monday.