Monday is the least rainy weekday….

….and it still remains to be the suckiest. I think I just made that word up. Welcome back folks! Just another fun filled Monday with another spotlight coming right at your face! The week’s artist spotlight is Francis-Xavier Martins who hails from the UK and has some major chops at creating captivating 3D models. He has a pretty damn long list of companies, games and publications under his belt so he is not a stranger to others taking notice like some small time web blog we know of (cough, cough). Never the less! Great work must always be appreciated. This one I chose due to its subject matter. Now who doesn’t love them some GoT?! What I especially love about this image is the lack of major color except for those blue eyes. Talk about captivating! Where can I sign up to be a Dothraki? Hit the link after the image to check out his other great works!

Khaleesi by Francis-Xavier Martins