Artist Spotlight and an AM WIP!!!

Greetings Monday lovers…..and the haters too. This week I decided to step away from the character models, something I tend to lean towards since it is where I have most of my interest in. But there still should be room for all the other types of designs out there and there are plenty of goodies to behold. This week’s Artist Spotlight goes to Cornelius Dämmrich from Berlin, Germany. It is a simple room with plenty of detail that will have you searching for hours on end just to take it all in. I even love the slippers in the doorway ’cause by the looks of that room, I sure would not want to walk in there barefoot! Created using Cinema 4D, Vray, Photoshop and Zbrush over 7 months! The dedication sure paid off. Take a look at his other works by following the link after the image.

Haze 2013 by Cornelius Dämmrich

the Art of Cornelius Dämmrich

As promised, been a little slow at getting things together worth showing, have a few projects on deck and started but I felt it was time to at least tempt your appetite with a little WIP and here it is:


Nothing much yet, I know,  but have been taking my time attempting to get the pose just right. I had other plans for the hands but it seems I may just scrap the idea due to complications just to get this project going and completed. So far I have named it Izzy, but that may change once the final render has been processed.