2016 First spotlight goes to…….

…….Livio Rajh!! He is a newcomer on the radar for me hailing from Croatia. I got behind this week due to ripping apart my office and such and had to scramble, once I got everything hooked back up, to find someone worthy enough to hold the spotlight crown here at Angry Monday. And it did not take long at all. Scrolling through recent activity on Behance.com I found myself a new artist to follow. It was really hard to pick just one of his works as he has so many, but I figured…Zombies, EVERYONE likes Zombies. I really love this piece not only for the subject matter but the lighting, the “wet” tongue and gums. His leg is held together by rope!!!  Just a superb attention to detail. As usual, hit the link after the photo to see more of his works, he does more than 3D modelling and it is all great stuff!

Zombie Diggory Tall by Livio Rajh

Livio Rajh Portfolio