Patrick Evrard in the spotlight and so long 2015!

52 Mondays down the drain. Pat yourself on the back, you survived them all. But that only means 52 more ahead for the new year…you have 6 days to dwell on that till Monday #1 of 2016! Do not be alarmed though, Angry Monday is not going anywhere and there is still much to be done. It looks like it is setting up to be an amazing year. Not only here with new projects, but new 3D printing technology using a smartphone, VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and I am sure things that we are not even aware of yet! So stick around and tell your friends. Have a happy and safe new year celebration and see you next Monday……till then, here is an artist spotlight to finish off 2015!!

This week it is Patrick Evrard from Belgium. Just fantastic work in the model below, even great water! Created using Zbrush, Maya, After Effects and Photoshop. Tap on the link below to see his breakdown images of how he created it along with a turntable video. Truly an amazing artist so be sure to browse his other works on his website.

King Of Fools by Patrick Evrard

Patrick’s Website