Props to the pro’s……..

Matt Thorup is a huge inspiration here at Angry Monday. You have seen his work before if you have ever walked around the video game area of any store. He has provided the community with a number of video tutorial series’ showcasing his techniques which has brought us the Disney Infinity figures among others. Yep that’s right, I said Disney. He is the Senior Character Artist at Disney Interactive. He is the real deal. Below is just one of his many creations and I chose this piece for not only his amazing talent at clean modelling, but also how well he was able to create such great facial hair!! Hit up the link after the image to see more of his work, some of it will surely be familiar to you.

The Skipper by Matt Thorup

Matt Thorup Portfolio

P.S. Matt, if you ever see this……make more video tutorials….I will keep throwing money at you.